2018-05-17 Andreas EversbergFix run length encoding of marked image, bump to versio... master
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergMinor missing-braces-fix
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergReplaced depricated readdir_r
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergLink GUI libs in correct order
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergFix optical flow code compilation with current OpenCV...
2017-09-20 Andreas EversbergFixes of / for current autoconf
2016-06-05 Andreas EversbergFix for fetching current directory when loading sequence
2016-05-28 Andreas EversbergAdd missing pthread library
2016-05-26 Andreas EversbergRename function 'restrict' and 'prolong'.
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergminor fixes
2016-05-14 Andreas EversbergStop if residual is 0
2016-05-14 Andreas EversbergAdd option to GUI to load rendered images from differen...
2016-05-14 Andreas EversbergVersion 0.7
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergcompress marked frames
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergchange the way that interations are performed at colori...
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergadd option to store rendered image at a different prefix
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergload image sequence faster by parsing directory
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergrerate: Add option to define a list with scene changes
2015-10-07 Andreas EversbergLink libm after users of this lib
2015-09-27 Andreas Eversbergrerate can handle interlaced input frames as fields
2015-09-26 Andreas Eversbergparse command line for rerate options; bump version...
2015-07-21 Andreas EversbergRERATE tool
2015-07-21 Andreas EversbergChange Optical Flow calculation from integer to float
2015-06-25 Andreas EversbergFix and option for "fields"
2015-06-25 Andreas EversbergFix ImageMagick support, disable GraphicsMagick support
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergMoved color model settings and optical flow settings...
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergFixed buffer overflow bug
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergImplementation of Zoom with mouse wheel and CTRL key.
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergRename dialog window implementations into diag_*
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergUpdate palette of taxi sequence example
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergReal time colorization preview rendering
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergDo not show colorization progress when using quick...
2015-06-20 Andreas Eversbergfixup: Fixed crash while rendering palette for "asis...
2015-06-20 Andreas EversbergIntroduce img_preview_buffer
2015-05-18 Andreas EversbergAdd option to keep I and mI arrays and "neighbor pixle...
2015-05-17 Andreas EversbergCorrectly save colorized image, if zoom fields was...
2015-05-16 Andreas Eversbergfixup
2015-05-16 Andreas EversbergTwo buttons now toggle marked pixles, highlight marked...
2015-05-14 Andreas EversbergDisplay ASIS information at palette
2015-05-14 Andreas EversbergAsk before overwriting colorized image
2015-05-14 Andreas EversbergRefactor processing of image, Add alpha channel
2015-05-14 Andreas EversbergGet rid of the fixed neighbor structures
2015-05-14 Andreas Eversbergfixup "Make round pens"
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergVersion 0.4
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergAdd eyedrop tool. The treeview will scroll to the selec...
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergMake round pen buttons.
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergFixed refresh of image area, it was not completely...
2015-03-15 rootminor fixes
2015-03-15 rootmake modified YUV model default
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergWhen initializing, selected color from palette is selec...
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergMove GTK tool bar and functions into seperate file
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergMove GTK menu bar and functions into seperate file
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergShow "unchanged color" as checkered pattern
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergVersion 0.3
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergVersion 0.2
2015-03-15 Andreas EversbergImport version 0.1 to GIT