last changeMon, 24 Dec 2018 13:10:46 +0000 (14:10 +0100)
2018-12-24 Andreas EversbergSIP: Add DTMF support (receive INFO only) master origin/HEAD origin/master
2018-12-24 Andreas Eversbergmore sip fixes
2018-11-03 Andreas Eversbergsome sip fixes
2018-09-29 Andreas EversbergSIP: Fix incoming re-invite
2017-12-21 Andreas EversbergSIP: Register, STUN and authentication support...
2017-12-01 Andreas EversbergGSM: Minor unused variable fix
2017-12-01 Andreas EversbergAdd -lncurses to LDD flags
2017-12-01 Andreas EversbergLowered volume level of tones and announcements
2017-12-01 Andreas EversbergMake tones-dir option available for all interface ...
2017-10-31 Andreas EversbergAdded patch to fix sofia-sip compiler issue
2017-10-31 Andreas EversbergFixed usage of uninitialized memory, thax to valgrind
2017-07-26 Andreas EversbergGSM: Fixes to GSM interface (multiple networks)
2016-01-30 Andreas EversbergGSM: Add audio frame type for uncompressed 16 bit frame
2016-01-30 Andreas EversbergGSM: A breakdown of MNCC socket causes all calls to...
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergFixed compiler warnings
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergData-Over-Voice
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