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2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergData-Over-Voice
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergExperimental crypto feature: Support for libvootp
2015-09-18 Karsten KeilPut fxs.h into noinst_HEADERS to have it in the make...
2014-09-08 Jan Engelhardtbuild: remove doubly-defined SUBDIRS variable
2014-09-08 Jan Engelhardtbuild: change outdated automake syntax by new
2013-06-06 Andreas EversbergFixed linker flags for chan LCR
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergAdd support for TCH/H and half rate codec
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergAdd GSM HR reference codec that is automatically downlo...
2013-03-14 Andreas EversbergAdd AMR codec, for supporting EFR transcoding
2013-03-09 Andreas EversbergAdd GSM full rate codec to LCR's source repository
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergAdd FXS support
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergRemoved complete bchannel handling from chan_lcr
2012-06-30 Janis RuksansList files for dist that are not picked up automaticall...
2012-06-30 Janis RuksansReference the sources via $< for chan_lcr, and prefixin...
2012-06-30 Janis RuksansUse variables set by configure script instead of instal...
2012-06-28 Janis RuksansUse loops for str* checks and to install configuration...
2012-01-27 Andreas EversbergAdding switch to compile LCR without mISDN support
2012-01-16 Andreas EversbergAdding simple bridge application to forward calls witho...
2012-01-14 Andreas EversbergAdding bridge between protocol handlers (ports)
2012-01-13 Andreas EversbergAdding basic SIP support, using Sofia-SIP stack
2011-09-02 Andreas EversbergSupport of GSM uses socket interface for both network...
2011-07-20 Andreas EversbergMake LCR compile with latest osmocomBB code.
2011-07-20 Andreas EversbergDon't try to install default/gsm.conf as it was removed.
2011-07-20 Andreas EversbergMinor fix: remote.c -> remote.cpp in
2011-07-14 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'develop'
2011-02-20 Andreas Eversberg[gsm] Removed obsolete gsm.conf handling. Fixed minor...
2011-02-20 Harald WelteModify GSM BS (OpenBTS) to use unix domain socket based...
2011-02-10 Andreas EversbergEnsure chan_lcr gets necessary compiler flags when...
2011-02-10 Andreas EversbergEnsure chan_lcr gets necessary compiler flags when...
2010-12-13 Andreas EversbergAdding interface support for remote app (chan_lcr).
2010-12-13 Andreas EversbergCompleted GSM mobile station support with OsmocomBB
2010-11-28 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-31 Andreas EversbergCompleted GSM mobile station support with OsmocomBB
2010-07-21 Andreas EversbergFixed API and incomming calls from Osmocom-BB.
2010-07-19 Andreas EversbergFixed API and incomming calls from Osmocom-BB.
2010-06-03 Andreas EversbergAdded detection of tone_zone_sound structure name....
2010-05-31 Andreas EversbergSplitted GSM support into BS (network) and MS (mobile...
2010-05-31 Andreas EversbergFixed LCR to work with the current API of OpenBSC.
2010-03-25 Karsten KeilRevert "Add .gitignore"
2010-03-25 Karsten KeilAdd .gitignore
2010-03-18 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'develop'
2010-03-11 Andreas EversbergFixed includes to latest mISDNuser structures.
2010-03-11 Andreas EversbergFixed compiler warnings when compiling with gcc 4.3.4.
2010-01-16 Andreas EversbergReplaced polling loop for LCR and chan_lcr with select...
2009-09-26 Andreas EversbergAdded support for signalling system no. 5.
2009-08-23 rootLCR now compiles with current version of OpenBSC.
2009-06-18 rootAdded GSM IMSI dialing by using dialing "imsi-<number>".
2009-05-11 Andreas EversbergAdded GSM network support.
2008-11-04 Andreas EversbergAdded processing of second caller id.
2008-10-23 Andreas Eversbergadded chan_lcr and fixes by Matthias
2008-10-11 Andreas Eversbergnow is moved to asterisk' modules directory...
2008-09-23 Peter Schlaileadded options.c to automake, so that chan_lcr gets...
2008-09-22 Peter SchlaileMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-09-21 Andreas EversbergFinished autoconf.
2008-06-01 Super UserLCR is now uses socket based mISDN V2 API
2007-10-03 Jörg Habenichtremoved: old PBX definition
2007-10-02 hajoadded: autoconf environment