New Version 1.6
[lcr.git] / README
2009-09-06 rootNew Version 1.6
2009-09-04 rootAdded patch by Kai Peter for completing screening indic...
2009-06-28 rootApplied changes of OpenBSC main branch. LCR now works...
2009-06-18 rootAdded GSM IMSI dialing by using dialing "imsi-<number>".
2009-06-06 Andreas Eversberggsm improvements
2009-05-21 Andreas EversbergFixed disabling of DTMF using 'n' option of chan_lcr.
2009-05-21 Andreas EversbergOpenBSC API change.
2009-05-17 Andreas Eversberg- Debug option now works for GSM.
2009-05-14 Andreas EversbergRestructured tones_dir, added tones_dir to interface...
2009-05-11 Andreas EversbergAdded GSM network support.
2009-04-06 Andreas EversbergApplied patch by Daniel: "execute"-action can now be...
2009-04-05 Andreas EversbergAdded display of current active TEI values (L2) at...
2009-03-29 Andreas EversbergAdded PROGRESS indication in both directions, so early...
2009-03-29 Andreas Eversbergchan_lcr: fixed compile problems with newer versions...
2009-03-20 Andreas EversbergAdded layer1 hold feature. Requires new mISDN and mISDN...
2009-03-20 Andreas EversbergAdded Notify to NT-mode.
2009-03-15 Andreas EversbergFixed dtmf detection of A-D. (thanx to Ralf)
2009-03-15 Andreas EversbergBugfix on timeout rules. (thanx to Benjamin)
2009-03-15 Andreas EversbergAdded Callweaver support. (thanx to Kristijan)
2009-03-15 Andreas EversbergAdded PID file (thanx to Joerg)
2009-03-14 Andreas EversbergBugfix on interface reload.
2009-03-01 Andreas EversbergNew release 1.4
2009-02-15 Andreas EversbergAdded fax detection patch by gregory.
2009-02-15 Andreas EversbergAdded alerting and proceeding to the goto rule.
2009-02-15 Andreas Eversbergchan_lcr hopefully now compiles against SVN version...
2008-09-22 Peter SchlaileMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-09-21 Andreas EversbergFinished autoconf.
2008-09-14 Andreas Eversbergfixed some layer 2 link issues
2008-09-14 Andreas EversbergFixed trace bugs.
2008-09-12 Andreas EversbergCorrected error print, if mISDN_dsp.ko module cannot...
2008-09-07 Andreas EversbergPorts can now be specified by number or by name.
2008-07-26 Super Userupdated README
2008-07-18 Super Userremoved "lcr query", use "isdninfo" instead.
2008-07-08 Super Usermust send "proceeding" instead of "setup_acknowledge...
2008-07-03 Super Useradded more display info
2008-06-01 Super UserLCR is now uses socket based mISDN V2 API
2008-02-16 Super Useradded timer for recovering missing activation/deactivat...
2008-02-14 Super Usererror inside information elements are now reported...
2008-01-19 Super Userwork on unfinished asterisk channel driver (bchannel...
2008-01-12 Super Usernew sounds for EFI
2008-01-12 Super Usermoved timeout settings from extenion to interface.conf
2008-01-06 Super Userfixes
2008-01-05 Super Userfixes, screen in and out works, fixed release problem...
2007-12-26 Super Userminor fix
2007-12-22 Super Usersome fixes, check README
2007-10-07 Super Usersome minor output fixes
2007-10-02 Super Userfix by Martin: screening caller-ids with jokers shall...
2007-09-19 Super Userrun out of channel bug fix
2007-09-10 Super Useradded partyline join and leave jingle option
2007-08-26 Super Userbackup
2007-08-24 Super Userdito
2007-08-24 Super Userfixed partyline-conference handling
2007-07-26 Super Userunified socket application interface (for asterisk...
2007-07-17 Super Useralpha phase is open, this means:
2007-07-15 Super Userbackup
2007-05-30 Super Userbackup
2007-05-15 Super Userbackup
2007-05-06 Super Useronly for backup, still in coding state - no compile!!!
2007-04-23 rootfirst commit