Define prload of mISDN buffer by chan_lcr (required for fax)
[lcr.git] / chan_lcr.h
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergDefine prload of mISDN buffer by chan_lcr (required...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergRemoved complete bchannel handling from chan_lcr
2011-07-14 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'develop'
2011-02-20 Andreas Eversberg[chan_lcr] Fixed caller ID for calls from AST->LCR
2010-12-14 Andreas EversbergImproved and applied Wimpy's Asterisk 1.8.x support.
2010-03-18 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'develop'
2010-01-24 Andreas EversbergAdded queue buffer for chan_lcr sending faxes without...
2010-01-16 Andreas EversbergReplaced polling loop for LCR and chan_lcr with select...
2009-12-20 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-10-27 Andreas EversbergAdded keypad forwarding, keypad parameter, chan_lcr...
2009-05-21 Andreas EversbergFixed disabling of DTMF using 'n' option of chan_lcr.
2009-03-29 Andreas EversbergAdded PROGRESS indication in both directions, so early...
2009-03-09 Peter Schlailesimplified rebuffer-mode to make large block sizes...
2009-02-15 Andreas EversbergAdded fax detection patch by gregory.
2008-10-09 Peter SchlaileMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-09 Peter Schlaileadded inband dtmf support to chan_lcr
2008-09-28 Andreas EversbergCompleted documentation about instance creation/destruc...
2008-09-27 Peter Schlailechan_lcr: forgotten commit for new ref fix
2008-09-22 Peter SchlaileMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-09-22 Peter Schlailework around broken HOLD/UNHOLD handling on some SIP...
2008-07-29 Super Usermake compile with gcc 4.* without warnings. (hopefully...
2008-07-26 Super Usermany fixes on HDLC issues
2008-07-20 schlailerebuffer option for chan_lcr (160 bytes per frame)
2008-07-18 Super Userremoved "lcr query", use "isdninfo" instead.
2008-06-14 schlailemade callerid handling work in call from asterisk
2008-06-14 Super Userchanged long to int (64 bit system's compatibilty)
2008-06-07 Super User*** CHAN_LCR is complete! ***
2008-06-06 Super Userwork on chan_lcr: bridging works, interface selection...
2008-06-01 Super UserLCR is now uses socket based mISDN V2 API
2008-05-19 Super Userwork on chan_lcr
2008-05-18 Super Userlcr work (soon done :)
2008-05-01 Super Userchan_lcr work
2008-05-01 Super Userwork on chan_lcr
2008-05-01 Super Userwork on chan_lcr
2008-04-28 Super UserMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-04-28 Super Userwork on chan_lcr:
2008-04-26 rootchan_lcr has now a lcr_request function which should...
2008-02-03 Super Usernow gives warning if mISDN branch is wrong.
2008-01-19 Super Userwork on unfinished asterisk channel driver (bchannel...