Change Version to 1.14
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2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergChange Version to 1.14
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergBump version to 1.13
2012-06-28 Janis RuksansUse loops for str* checks and to install configuration...
2012-06-28 Janis RuksansUse AC_CHECK_TYPE and correct quoting for Asterisk...
2012-02-05 Andreas EversbergBump version to 1.12
2012-02-04 Andreas Eversbergautoconf: Fixed detection of mISDN headers
2012-01-27 Andreas EversbergAdding switch to compile LCR without mISDN support
2012-01-13 Andreas EversbergAdding basic SIP support, using Sofia-SIP stack
2011-09-24 Karsten KeilBump version to 1.11
2011-09-07 Andreas EversbergIncreas version number to 1.10 origin/1.10
2011-09-07 Andreas EversbergChecking for GSM codec to be installed at configure.
2011-09-02 Andreas EversbergSupport of GSM uses socket interface for both network...
2011-07-14 Andreas EversbergChanging version number to 1.9
2011-07-14 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'develop'
2011-02-21 Andreas EversbergIncremented version number of lcr in develop branch.
2010-12-14 Andreas EversbergImproved and applied Wimpy's Asterisk 1.8.x support.
2010-12-13 Andreas EversbergCompleted GSM mobile station support with OsmocomBB
2010-11-28 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-31 Andreas EversbergCompleted GSM mobile station support with OsmocomBB
2010-10-30 Andreas EversbergMake LCR compile with the latest OpenBSC master branch
2010-10-30 Andreas EversbergMake LCR compile with the latest OpenBSC master branch
2010-07-25 Andreas EversbergHi all,
2010-07-25 Andreas EversbergHi all,
2010-06-03 Andreas EversbergAdded detection of tone_zone_sound structure name....
2010-05-31 Andreas EversbergSplitted GSM support into BS (network) and MS (mobile...
2010-03-18 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'develop'
2010-03-11 Andreas EversbergFixed compiler warnings when compiling with gcc 4.3.4.
2010-01-15 Andreas EversbergNew version 1.7
2009-09-26 Andreas EversbergAdded support for signalling system no. 5.
2009-09-06 rootNew Version 1.6
2009-08-23 rootLCR now compiles with current version of OpenBSC.
2009-05-11 Andreas EversbergAdded GSM network support.
2009-03-01 Andreas EversbergNew release 1.4
2009-01-06 Andreas Eversbergchanged error message a bit...
2008-10-23 Andreas Eversbergadded chan_lcr and fixes by Matthias
2008-09-22 Peter SchlaileMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-09-21 Andreas EversbergFinished autoconf.
2008-06-07 Super Userfixed dialing-bug when dialing chan_lcr
2008-06-01 Super UserLCR is now uses socket based mISDN V2 API
2007-10-03 Jörg Habenichtremoved: --with-crypto
2007-10-02 hajoadded: autoconf environment