Add support for TCH/H and half rate codec
[lcr.git] / gsm_audio.c
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergAdd support for TCH/H and half rate codec
2013-03-26 Andreas EversbergAMR codec support
2013-03-14 Andreas EversbergAdd AMR codec, for supporting EFR transcoding
2013-03-09 Andreas EversbergAdd GSM full rate codec to LCR's source repository
2009-12-20 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-12-20 Andreas EversbergMake LCR work with the current openbsc lcr_rtp branch...
2009-06-18 rootAdded GSM IMSI dialing by using dialing "imsi-<number>".
2009-05-11 Andreas EversbergAdded GSM network support.