Added keypad forwarding, keypad parameter, chan_lcr keypad option 'k'.
[lcr.git] / joinpbx.cpp
2009-10-27 Andreas EversbergAdded keypad forwarding, keypad parameter, chan_lcr...
2009-09-06 Andreas EversbergFixed bad bug in joining calls. Please update, if you...
2009-09-06 rootNew Version 1.6
2009-07-05 rootSource cleanup.
2008-09-02 Karsten KeilFix lot of warnings
2008-07-29 Super Usermake compile with gcc 4.* without warnings. (hopefully...
2008-06-14 Super Userchanged long to int (64 bit system's compatibilty)
2008-05-25 Super Userfix and work
2008-05-12 Super Usersome minor fixes
2008-05-01 Super Userwork on chan_lcr
2008-04-26 rootMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-04-25 Super Userstruct message -> struct lcr_msg
2007-12-22 Super Usersome fixes, check README
2007-10-01 Super Usersome small conference jingle fixes
2007-09-22 Super Userfixed multiplexing bug at NT-mode.
2007-09-15 Super Userfixes for some join-object-release problems
2007-09-10 Super Useradded partyline join and leave jingle option
2007-09-10 Super Userjust backup. (partyline join/release jingle not tested...
2007-08-24 Super Userfixed partyline-conference handling
2007-08-11 Super Useradded exporting/importing bchannel stacks to the remote...
2007-07-31 Super Userfixed crash when receiving notify messages
2007-07-29 Super Userbeta phase is reached
2007-07-26 Super Userunified socket application interface (for asterisk...
2007-07-17 Super Useralpha phase is open, this means: