2012-03-25 Andreas EversbergBearer Capability is mandatory in CALL CONF. message...
2012-03-25 Andreas EversbergWhen socket to LCR is closed, the test call must be...
2012-03-16 Andreas EversbergSIP: Adding echo test to do delay test on incomming...
2012-03-08 Andreas EversbergAdded support for all GSM codecs to GSM and SIP interface
2012-03-08 Andreas EversbergRemoved obsolete #include directive.
2012-03-01 Birger HarzenetterMake chan_lcr compile with latest Asterisk.
2012-03-01 Andreas EversbergFixed chan_lcr unload bug, found by Patrick
2012-03-01 Alexander HuemerMake appbridge.cpp compile, even without mISDN support.
2012-02-21 Andreas EversbergFixed release of relations between bridge and interface...
2012-02-21 WimpyAdded support to chan_lcr for Asterisk version > 10
2012-02-21 Andreas EversbergAdded support of mISDN to direct bridge feature
2012-02-18 Andreas EversbergAllow setting IP:port for peers of SIP interfaces.
2012-02-18 Andreas EversbergUse dynamic RTP payload types starting from 96
2012-02-17 Andreas EversbergAllow dynamic RTP payload types when bridging between...
2012-02-17 Andreas EversbergSIP: minor fixes
2012-02-05 Andreas EversbergBump version to 1.12
2012-02-04 Andreas Eversbergautoconf: Fixed detection of mISDN headers
2012-02-01 Andreas EversbergAdding negotiation of speech codecs between GSM and...
2012-01-27 Andreas EversbergDisabled NUTAG_AUTO100, Entering PROCEEDING state after...
2012-01-27 Andreas EversbergAdding switch to compile LCR without mISDN support
2012-01-21 Andreas EversbergGSM now receives tones during bridge
2012-01-20 Andreas EversbergAdding handling of bad GSM audio frames
2012-01-20 Andreas EversbergFixed dead pointer problem when handling interfaces
2012-01-20 Andreas EversbergMinor fix in interface.conf example
2012-01-20 Andreas EversbergAdding TX-dejitter feature for briged data to mISDN
2012-01-20 Andreas EversbergCorrectly control brige in case of mISDN
2012-01-19 Andreas EversbergFixed audio bridge to mISDN ports
2012-01-19 Andreas EversbergFixed 'earlyb' handling
2012-01-16 Andreas EversbergAdding simple bridge application to forward calls witho...
2012-01-15 Andreas EversbergForward DTMF as message directly from GSM BS to SIP.
2012-01-15 Andreas EversbergAdded bridgin support for GSM and SIP
2012-01-14 Andreas EversbergAdding bridge between protocol handlers (ports)
2012-01-13 Andreas EversbergAdding basic SIP support, using Sofia-SIP stack
2012-01-13 Andreas EversbergVarious minor fixes
2012-01-13 Andreas EversbergAdding shutdown option to interface.conf
2012-01-07 Andreas EversbergFixed NULL-pointer bug when unloading of GSM interfaces origin/1.11
2012-01-03 Andreas Eversbergchan_lcr: Minor fix for Asterisk versions >= 10
2011-11-08 Arnold SchulzFor chan_lcr with Asterisk 1.8, set the codec type...
2011-10-16 Andreas EversbergDisabled layer2-hold from CCITT#5 interfaces
2011-10-15 Gregory NietskyPatch to allow chan_lcr to work with asterisk 10
2011-10-15 Andreas EversbergAdding "fflush" to debug.log.
2011-10-15 Andreas EversbergAdding additional debugging to joinremote.cpp
2011-10-02 Andreas EversbergFixed mncc.h for GSM. Audio works again with latest...
2011-09-28 Karsten KeilRemove unused variable ret karsten/pending origin/pending
2011-09-28 Karsten KeilHandle MT_L2IDLE
2011-09-24 Karsten KeilBump version to 1.11
2011-09-24 Karsten KeilNew pid handling
2011-09-24 Karsten KeilNew names for redirection numbers
2011-09-24 Karsten KeilNew init and debug interface
2011-09-07 Andreas EversbergIncreas version number to 1.10 origin/1.10
2011-09-07 Andreas EversbergChecking for GSM codec to be installed at configure.
2011-09-03 Andreas EversbergFixed missing channel IE in some cases.
2011-09-02 Andreas EversbergSupport of GSM uses socket interface for both network...
2011-09-02 Andreas EversbergFixed broken timeout condition
2011-08-11 Andreas EversbergAdditionally adding output of bchannel "ref" at some...
2011-08-11 Andreas EversbergFixed wrong reference when requesting a channel from...
2011-08-10 Andreas EversbergMinor cosmetic fix of logging output
2011-08-10 Andreas EversbergFixed forking, to prevent LCR to run multiple times
2011-07-30 Andreas EversbergMake install now works again. (Missing and required...
2011-07-28 Andreas EversbergMake LCR compile with latest osmocomBB code.
2011-07-25 Andreas Eversberggsm->network must be set != NULL, to make it work correctly
2011-07-25 Andreas EversbergMake LCR compile again with OpenBSC
2011-07-20 Andreas EversbergMake LCR compile with latest osmocomBB code.
2011-07-20 Andreas EversbergDon't try to install default/gsm.conf as it was removed.
2011-07-20 Andreas EversbergMinor fix: remote.c -> remote.cpp in
2011-07-14 Andreas EversbergChanging version number to 1.9
2011-07-14 Andreas EversbergThis was missing at merge:
2011-07-14 Andreas EversbergMerge branch 'develop'
2011-07-10 Andreas Eversberg[GSM] Replaced strcpy by required macro name.
2011-02-26 Andreas Eversberg[gsm] Make LCR work with current Osmocom-BB.
2011-02-24 Andreas Eversberg[mail] Prevent bustling error message when sending...
2011-02-24 Andreas Eversberg[chan_lcr] Unloading chan_lcr is now possible
2011-02-21 Andreas EversbergIncremented version number of lcr in develop branch.
2011-02-20 Andreas Eversberg[gsm] Removed obsolete gsm.conf handling. Fixed minor...
2011-02-20 Harald Weltedon't execve() a shell process but always double-fork...
2011-02-20 Harald WelteGSM MNCC: Make sure to set the MNCC_F_KEYPAD when ACKin...
2011-02-20 Harald WelteMNCC: refuse any incoming SETUP if there is no MNCC...
2011-02-20 Harald WelteMNCC: Re-connect to the MNCC socket if connection was...
2011-02-20 Andreas EversbergGSM BS: Release all calls in case the connection to...
2011-02-20 Harald WelteGSM: Define mncc_send() as it is no longer available...
2011-02-20 Harald Weltemncc_sock: properly append an element to the end of...
2011-02-20 Harald Weltegsm tracing: as we no longer link with OpenBSC, we...
2011-02-20 Harald WelteMNCC socket: length of GSM TCH/F FR frame is 33 bytes...
2011-02-20 Harald WelteModify GSM BS (OpenBTS) to use unix domain socket based...
2011-02-20 Andreas Eversberg[GSM_BS] Added DTMF support.
2011-02-20 Andreas EversbergFixed transmission of call trace on LCR socket.
2011-02-20 Andreas Eversberg[GSM_BS] Added DTMF support. origin/1.8
2011-02-20 Andreas Eversberg[chan_lcr] Fixed broken communication with chan_lcr
2011-02-20 Andreas Eversberg[chan_lcr] Fixed caller ID for calls from AST->LCR
2011-02-10 Andreas EversbergEnsure chan_lcr gets necessary compiler flags when...
2011-02-10 Andreas EversbergEnsure chan_lcr gets necessary compiler flags when...
2010-12-28 Andreas EversbergFixed transmission of call trace on LCR socket.
2010-12-28 Andreas EversbergFixed buffer overflow bug at pickup feature
2010-12-28 Andreas EversbergFixed null-pointer bug when GSM support is disabled
2010-12-28 Andreas EversbergFixed buffer overflow bug at pickup feature
2010-12-28 Andreas EversbergFixed null-pointer bug when GSM support is disabled
2010-12-14 Andreas EversbergImproved and applied Wimpy's Asterisk 1.8.x support.
2010-12-13 Andreas EversbergRemoved change history from 'README' file.
2010-12-13 Andreas EversbergRemoved 'configure' and other files created by 'autorec...
2010-12-13 Andreas EversbergAdding interface support for remote app (chan_lcr).