descriptionEmulator for the original Mercenary II and III game binary
last changeWed, 7 Mar 2018 18:27:53 +0000 (19:27 +0100)
13 days ago Andreas EversbergRemove circular dependencies between libs, use callback... master
13 days ago Andreas EversbergFixes in
13 days ago Andreas EversbergCode does not depend on endian.h anymore (own implement...
13 days ago Andreas EversbergUse double pixel size to render amiga video (2x2)
13 days ago Andreas EversbergTurn VBL break point list into a structure to make...
2018-03-04 Andreas EversbergM2: Removed obsolete function
2018-03-03 Andreas EversbergAdd command line options
2018-03-03 Andreas EversbergFix special CTRL hotkeys
2018-03-03 Andreas EversbergGive warning at, if SDL/GLEW is not available
2018-03-03 Andreas EversbergAdd quick readme
2018-03-03 Andreas EversbergFirst beta version 1.0
13 days ago master