descriptionEmulator for the original Mercenary II and III game with OpenGL rendering and VR support (
last changeSun, 26 May 2019 09:05:50 +0000 (11:05 +0200)
2019-05-26 Andreas EversbergOVR: Update help screen master
2019-05-26 Andreas EversbergChange program icons and make dark grey background
2019-05-26 Andreas EversbergOVR: Show mirror of single eye only
2019-05-26 Andreas EversbergOVR: Exit on request from OVR server
2019-05-26 Andreas EversbergOVR: Fixed minor compiler warning.
2019-05-26 Andreas EversbergOVR: Snap rotation to absolute steps of 45 degrees...
2019-05-25 Andreas EversbergOVR: Fixed right-hand tracking
2019-04-07 Andreas EversbergJoystick support
2018-11-18 Andreas EversbergOVR: Reassign buttons for observer reset and help screen
2018-11-18 Andreas EversbergOVR: Change the way to walk and rotate with the controller
2018-11-18 Andreas EversbergReset observer when starting game
2018-10-11 Andreas EversbergUse default FPS of 10 Hz
2018-10-11 Andreas EversbergKeep joystick movement until rendering was performed.
2018-07-22 Andreas EversbergShow legacy render area when changing window size....
2018-07-21 Andreas EversbergNo more borders at OpenGL rendering, if window has...
2018-06-10 Andreas EversbergOVR: Make Benson (control panel) closer to oberver
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