2017-12-01 Andreas Eversbergfixup backup1
2017-12-01 Andreas Eversbergfixup
2017-11-26 Andreas Eversbergfixup sonntag 26.11.2017
2017-11-26 Andreas Eversbergfixup
2017-11-11 Andreas Eversbergfixup
2017-11-11 Andreas Eversbergfixup
2017-11-11 Andreas Eversbergfixup register
2017-11-05 Andreas EversbergGSM: Minor unused variable fix
2017-11-05 Andreas EversbergAdd -lncurses to LDD flags
2017-11-05 Andreas Eversbergfixup tones-dir
2017-11-05 Andreas EversbergLowered volume level of tones and announcements
2017-11-05 Andreas Eversbergfixup register
2017-11-04 Andreas EversbergMake tones-dir option available for all interface ...
2017-11-04 Andreas Eversbergfixup register
2017-11-04 Andreas EversbergSIP: Register, STUN and authentication support
2017-10-31 Andreas EversbergAdded patch to fix sofia-sip compiler issue
2017-10-31 Andreas EversbergFixed usage of uninitialized memory, thax to valgrind
2017-07-26 Andreas EversbergGSM: Fixes to GSM interface (multiple networks)
2016-01-30 Andreas EversbergGSM: Add audio frame type for uncompressed 16 bit frame
2016-01-30 Andreas EversbergGSM: A breakdown of MNCC socket causes all calls to...
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergFixed compiler warnings
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergData-Over-Voice
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergFor DOV: Cast input of some string macros
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergFor DOV: LCR random number generator
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergExperimental crypto feature: Support for libvootp
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergSS5: Special feature to mute only when also respoinding...
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergSS5: improvements
2015-12-15 Andreas Eversbergperform default/timeout action when sending is complete
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergSS5: removed star-release-feature
2015-12-15 Andreas EversbergFixed several compiler warnings
2015-09-18 Karsten KeilAdd a dummy distdir and distclean targets in libgsmfr...
2015-09-18 Karsten KeilPut fxs.h into noinst_HEADERS to have it in the make...
2014-09-08 Jan Engelhardtbuild: remove doubly-defined SUBDIRS variable
2014-09-08 Jan Engelhardtbuild: remove and ignore autogenerated files
2014-09-08 Jan Engelhardtbuild: change outdated automake syntax by new
2014-02-01 Andreas EversbergGSM HR reference codec download location has changed
2014-02-01 Andreas EversbergUpdate MNCC_SOCK_VERSION to 5 (current jolly/testing...
2013-11-06 Peter HolikAdd missing braces to chan_lcr.c
2013-11-06 Peter HolikEnable debugging of chan_lcr via ast_log
2013-11-06 Peter HolikMake LCR compile, even if POTS/FXS is not supported...
2013-10-02 Peter Stugeinterface.conf: Verify that an rtp-bridge interface...
2013-07-13 Holger Hans... autogen: Use autoreconf --install --force
2013-07-13 Holger Hans... gsm: Implement the size checking of the hello packet
2013-07-13 Holger Hans... mncc: Use stdint.h from C++, copy newer version of...
2013-07-13 Holger Hans... gsm: Verify the MNCC_VERSION of the BSC/MS and close...
2013-06-06 Andreas EversbergFixed linker flags for chan LCR
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergStore states of HR codec
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergAdd essential option to enable and prefer half rate...
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergAdd support for TCH/H and half rate codec
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergFix: libtool is not part of repository
2013-03-31 Andreas EversbergAdd GSM HR reference codec that is automatically downlo...
2013-03-26 Andreas Eversbergfixup 77d91029549d9d526572966a0884c015acd2727e
2013-03-26 Andreas EversbergAMR codec support
2013-03-14 Andreas EversbergAdd AMR codec, for supporting EFR transcoding
2013-03-11 Nick VervelakisFix missing includes for GSM BS support
2013-03-09 Andreas EversbergAdd GSM full rate codec to LCR's source repository
2013-01-06 Andreas EversbergSIP: Extract IMSI from SIP URI
2013-01-06 Andreas EversbergFix: Correctly forward facility IE content
2012-12-26 Andreas EversbergFix: Make action.cpp compile without mISDN/FXS support
2012-12-17 Andreas EversbergFix: Only screen caller ID 2 and redir ID when existing
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergChange Version to 1.14
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergAdded option to change DTMF decoding threshold level
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Disable DTMF dialing after first received KP ...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergAdd FXS support
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: 3PTY bridge must check, if other 3PTY member is...
2012-12-16 Andreas Eversbergchan_lcr: Replaced 'n' (no DTMF) option with 'D' (DTMF)
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFixed early audio with chan_lcr (Asterisk)
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFixed version issue of chan_lcr
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergUpdated MNCC interface
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergSIP: Allow early audio on incomming connections at...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Set correct local RTP port
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Allow recording of audio for SIP/remote/GSM interf...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Track notification messages at partyline too
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergRemoved obsolete logging code
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Don't forward MESSAGE_TRAFFIC to endpoint instance
2012-12-16 Birger HarzenetterFix: Append information (overlap dialing) to Asterisk...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergStore caller/dialing info for calls via remote interfac...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Polling of file descriptors
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: chan_lcr must use right context attribute for...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Bind RTP/RTCP socket pairs correctly
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Always keep transmit timer on when mISDN channel...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Encoding of 3PTY result facility IE
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Send tones/patterns/announcements for remote conne...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergAdd screening of caller ID for remote (asterisk) connec...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergCleanup: Make interface name be part of Port class
2012-12-16 Andreas Eversbergchan_lcr: Select remote interface by chan_lcr
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Match complete string when filtering for interface
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergDisplay source and destination interface at endpoint...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Prevent Asterisk from aborting when delivering...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: LCR's DTMF detection will be enabled and used...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Asterisk DTMF detection works now
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: chan_lcr will suppress audio traffic until ref...
2012-12-16 Andreas Eversbergchan_lcr: Disabled bridge, because there is no concept...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergRemoved obsolete definition of media_type2name() from...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFixed broken chan_lcr of last commit
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFixed compiling of chan_lcr with Asterisk
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFix: Process tx-load when briding with jitter buffer...
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergUpdated default config examples
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergFixed parsing capability conditions
2012-12-16 Andreas EversbergDefine prload of mISDN buffer by chan_lcr (required...