No more borders at OpenGL rendering, if window has different aspect ratio than 1...
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2018-05-06 Andreas EversbergMove opengl code from libsdl to libopengl
2018-04-22 Andreas EversbergSimplifying keycode handling
2018-04-14 Andreas EversbergOVR: Add Support for Oculus Rift SDK
2018-04-14 Andreas EversbergCross compile with MinGW-W64
2018-04-05 Andreas EversbergAdd On screen display and help screen
2018-04-05 Andreas EversbergAdd code to measure frame rate; required when we want...
2018-03-08 Andreas EversbergFixes in
2018-03-03 Andreas EversbergGive warning at, if SDL/GLEW is not available
2018-03-03 Andreas EversbergFirst beta version 1.0