descriptionColorize, an image and film colorization software
last changeThu, 17 May 2018 18:12:14 +0000 (20:12 +0200)
2018-05-17 Andreas EversbergFix run length encoding of marked image, bump to versio... master
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergMinor missing-braces-fix
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergReplaced depricated readdir_r
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergLink GUI libs in correct order
2017-10-02 Andreas EversbergFix optical flow code compilation with current OpenCV...
2017-09-20 Andreas EversbergFixes of / for current autoconf
2016-06-05 Andreas EversbergFix for fetching current directory when loading sequence
2016-05-28 Andreas EversbergAdd missing pthread library
2016-05-26 Andreas EversbergRename function 'restrict' and 'prolong'.
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergminor fixes
2016-05-14 Andreas EversbergStop if residual is 0
2016-05-14 Andreas EversbergAdd option to GUI to load rendered images from differen...
2016-05-14 Andreas EversbergVersion 0.7
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergcompress marked frames
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergchange the way that interations are performed at colori...
2016-05-14 Andreas Eversbergadd option to store rendered image at a different prefix
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